Hedge Funds and Investment Banks

Timing and predicting changes in the market is a priority for every stakeholder in the automotive industry. Investment bankers need to acquire new assets – or dispose of underperforming ones. Investors require guidance to assist them with the challenges and opportunities on the road ahead. Here are some ways that we’ve helped our clients.


Example engagements

  • Prepared presentations on new and used vehicle sales trends and future valuation commentary for a regional bank lender with significant exposure in automotive finance.
  • Assisted a venture capital fund with an evaluation of their investment in a start-up vehicle manufacturer, including its potential market size and plan for distribution.
  • Valued a large Tier 1 automotive supplier as part of expert testimony in connection with a bankruptcy proceeding on behalf of selected unsecured creditors.
  • Offered automotive industry analysis and company-specific evaluations to assist a mutual fund investor in its analysis of equity investments in the automotive industry.
  • Conducted research for an investment firm into the exposure of Ferrari to increasingly stringent U.S. emissions and fuel economy regulations.
  • Conducted research for an investment firm into the causes of the persistently low market share of Volkswagen in the USA.
  • Generated the economics of a proposed national chain of all-makes-and-models service for a venture capital firm.
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