Automotive OEMs

Global markets and technology are forcing auto manufacturers to innovate business models and deploy cutting-edge strategies. Consumers are driving change in car ownership. Regulators are placing new requirements on OEMs. Other stakeholders, like retailers and suppliers, are bringing change as well.

Auto manufacturers require guidance to assist with them with challenges and opportunities on the road ahead. Here are some ways we’ve helped:

Example engagements:

  • Evaluate opportunities and constraints for a foreign partner of continuing a significant joint venture marketing company owned in part with a large domestic vehicle manufacturer.
  • Explore corporate strategy options with a specialty-niche overseas distributor of vehicles from a variety of domestic and foreign manufacturers.
  • Participate in a multi-day brainstorming session with top executives of a large foreign manufacturer as to long term trends in the automotive market in North America.
  • Produce quarterly reports on industry trends and forecast analysis for a major Japanese vehicle manufacturer in response to topic areas selected by the client.
  • Provide multi-year advisory services and project-specific consultations for a global vehicle remarketer.
  • Provide expert testimony and analysis of market/product viability for an overseas manufacturer in defense against its North American importer and distributor which made claims of specific performance and intellectual property theft.
  • For an OEM-related investment firm, conducted research into the exposure of Ferrari to increasingly stringent U.S. emissions and fuel economy regulations.
  • For an OEM-related investment firm, conducted research into the causes of the persistently low market share of Volkswagen in the USA.