The automotive aftermarket is being disrupted by technology trends, from connectivity and electrification, to tech firms that are rapidly disrupting the parts aftermarket. Incumbent players must make fundamental and strategic changes to help them prepare for the future. MK&A brings industry experts who truly understand the automotive aftermarket space and can help our clients optimize their organizations.


Example engagements

  • Performed a strategic review of an automotive aftermarket distributor that included an analysis of its current operations paired with strategic recommendations. A supplementary study on the rise of in the automotive aftermarket was included.
  • Advised a national tire retail chain on the threats and opportunities related to mobility and vehicle ownership trends, electrification, and
  • Provided retail e-commerce and wholesale strategy services for a China-based auto parts supplier that expanded to the U.S. market.
  • Analyzed the automotive parts aftermarket to assist an OE-parts supplier with an appropriate retail e-commerce channel strategy (e.g. selling to Amazon).
  • Provided a U.K.-based B2C automotive data services company with insights on similar product offerings in the U.S.
  • Assisted a roadside assistance organization with a nationwide growth strategy.