Maryann Keller & Associates

What We Do

Maryann speaks before the Detroit Economic Club. Maryann speaks before the Detroit Economic Club.
We are a boutique automotive consultancy that provides professional advisory services for companies, individuals, and other professional firms associated with the automotive industry. This would include but is not limited to vehicle manufacturers, trade associations, dealers (public and private), suppliers, tech & media firms, certain vertical vendors (such as remarketers), financiers, and others affiliated with the industry. Our projects run the gamut of large-scale consulting studies, quarterly or monthly reports, analysis on client-specific topics to phone conversations and briefing memos. These projects address requests in one or more of the following topic areas: Our firm's Principal is Maryann Keller, one of the auto industry's most respected and well-known automotive analysts. Ms. Keller, with our firm's leadership, bring in-depth industry experience to our consulting engagements.