Ken Elias

  • Ken Elias previously was the Vice-President of the Automotive Services unit of  He joined having been recruited from his own internet start-up for advertising used vehicles available in dealer inventories in the Los Angeles region.  In his capacity at, Mr. Elias was instrumental in developing the automotive unit, negotiating a partnership with Ford Motor Company, and frequently represented the Automotive Services unit at various industry events.
  • Mr. Elias has written a number of articles on the industry which have appeared in Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, Dealer Magazine, and other industry related journals.  He has appeared on CNN and is often sourced by journalists for commentary on the automotive industry.
  • He owned and managed a used car dealership as a franchisee of Thrifty Car Sales.
  • Mr. Elias formerly served on the Board of Directors of Dynacom, Inc, a multi-station radio broadcaster based in New Hampshire which was sold to a consolidator in 1999.
  • Early in his career, Mr. Elias was a corporate banker with Bankers Trust Company in New York and Los Angeles where he worked on leveraged buyouts.