Maryann Keller & Associates

MK&A's leadership has over 70 years of combined auto industry experience

Every decade sees advances in technology, changes in design, and new categories of vehicles as automakers and suppliers jockey for market share, revenues, and profits. The next decade will see further changes with new competitive opportunities and threats emerging. Our deep experience in the industry allows us to draw on a wide variety of resources in addition to our own knowledge and expertise to service clients with fresh and unique thinking ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges

Our Leadership

Maryann Keller

Principal, Greenwich, CT

  • Maryann Keller founded Maryann Keller & Associates, LLC in 2001, after 28 years of automotive expertise as a Wall Street analyst.  She became a sought-for analyst thanks to her strong....

Ken Elias

Partner, Scottsdale, AZ

  • Ken Elias previously was the Vice-President of the Automotive Services unit of  He joined having been recruited from his own internet start-up for advertising....

Jeremy Alicandri

Managing Director, Manhattan, NY

  • Jeremy Alicandri previously served as a management consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers’(“PwC”) Auto Finance Practice, where he assisted automotive lenders with risk and regulatory....