Franchise Dealer Advertising Study: What’s the future of advertising?

**STUDY COMPLETED** For the study’s results, please click here.

As a leader in the automotive consulting space, MK&A has a responsibility to identify and monitor the latest trends affecting dealers. We are currently conducting a short and simple ten-minute online dealer survey to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of dealership advertising. Participants in this study will receive an analysis from MK&A on our findings (which we believe will prove useful in optimizing future dealer advertising spend).

  • The online survey contains top-level and simple questions.
  • There is no cost to participate.
  • The data collected in this study will be kept confidential and anonymously summarized in our findings.
  • Participating dealers will receive insights that will help them optimize their future advertising spend.

The study’s objective:
MK&A is investigating franchise dealer advertising to understand the current and future relevance of specific mediums for dealers and their co-op partners. Earlier this year, we researched the digital advertising space and discovered that many dealers, in an attempt to receive more ‘direct leads,’ were dropping certain digital partners and/or restoring a portion of their ad budget to traditional media. We also found that some automakers reduced their advertising spend per vehicle, and instead, are directing marketing funds to incentives and initiatives, including mobility and subscription services, as well as direct engagement with customers in the purchasing process.

Automakers appear to be more dependent on dealers to advertise their dealerships, the models they sell, and even the ownership experience. This is placing increased pressure on dealership margins and hence the necessity for dealers to optimize advertising spend. Once the study is complete, the study’s participants with receive strategic-level insights to help them optimize their current and future advertising spend.

To be eligible, dealer participants must:

  • Currently be responsible (direct or oversight) for advertising and marketing spend at a franchise car dealership in the U.S.
  • Be knowledgeable on the effectiveness of various mediums.
  • Have experience with these mediums: digital; direct mail; newspaper/magazine; outdoor (billboard); radio; and television.

If you qualify for the above, please e-mail the information below to Once your information is reviewed, a link to the survey will be e-mailed to you.

  • Name
  • Title
  • Dealership name with franchise(s)
  • Any comments (optional)