It’s Time for Nissan and Renault to Remake the Alliance

In this opinion piece, Maryann Keller, principal of MK&A, provides several reasons why the alliance between Nissan and Renault has “outlived its purpose.” She also explains why Carlos Ghosn’s past success was the result of common-sense measures that only a foreigner could take. Maryann’s post can be read at the link below:

Jeremy Alicandri Recognized at Used Car Awards


Jeremy Alicandri, managing director, Maryann Keller & Advisors, was recognized with Auto Remarketing’s “40 Under 40” recognition. After the award ceremony, Jeremy stated “the real achievement is found in the collective nominations by my industry colleagues who chose me for this award among so many other well-qualified candidates.”

The article can be read at the link below:

*Photo credit: Auto Remarketing/Cherokee Media.

Trade Disrupted: Disruptors and Technology Will Bring Transparency to the Vehicle Trade-in Market

In this white paper, MK&A explains that new technologies are giving consumers greater control over the trade-in process, including more channels through which to obtain market-based values and sell their vehicle.



  • Investment capital is flowing into start-ups that give car owners access to more accurate appraisals and new channels for realizing the value of their vehicles.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is improving inventory management by incorporating the unique vehicle, market, and seller characteristics that influence the retail price of every used car.
  • The combination of start-ups and AI could impact dealer margins, remarketing channels, and potentially the role of wholesalers.