How to Solve the Auto Industry’s $50 Billion Incentive Addiction

In this post, Maryann Keller, principal of MK&A, discusses the U.S. automotive industry’s use of incentives and how technology-based solutions will soon deliver innovation.


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AR: Remarketing of Cars Becomes More Sophisticated.


During her presentation at the Automotive Intelligence Summit in Raleigh, Maryann Keller, principal of MK&A, explains that used vehicle remarketing is become “more sophisticated.” Specifically, she shares data that show that a significantly growing percentage of used vehicles are now sold via upstream channels and thus never reach a traditional wholesale vehicle auction. “Citing data from RVI Analytics, Keller said that 28 percent of off-lease vehicles in 2013 were sold in upstream channels.  But last year, almost half went that route.”

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Sergio Marchionne, auto executive who brought Chrysler back from the brink, dies at 66

Earlier today, the Washington Post published an obituary on automotive legend, Sergio Marchionne. Maryann considered Sergio one of the industry’s most talented CEOs – she would regularly describe him as an absolute genius. Maryann’s comments can be read on the Washington Post’s website:


Note: Sergio is a true legend that will never be replaced nor forgotten. We wish him a fond farewell on the final leg of his eternal journey.

DetroitFreePress: Auto industry touts strong sales, but tariff talk clouds picture


In this article, Maryann Keller, principal of MK&A, was interviewed on the potential for a tariff war. “Maryann Keller, principal of Maryann Keller & Associates in the New York area, offered a bit of reassurance. She said that although tariffs would raise prices on most new cars, automakers would likely find a way to roll it out across their lineup to lessen the blow to consumers who must absorb it.”

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*Photo Credit: Detroit Free Press