CBC: Tesla, Volvo, BMW — all join in: Is this finally the dawn of the electric car era?


Ken Elias, a partner at MK&A, was quoted in CBC News on the potential market share growth of electric vehicles. Ken is quoted “I’m not convinced it’s as big a deal for the U.S. market as it is may be elsewhere where gasoline could be more expensive or less available.”

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Photo Credit: CBC News

Slowdown for New Car Sales


In this post, Maryann Keller, principal of MK&A, explains why new car sales are slowing down. Maryann states: “Since 2012, a combination of low interest rates, loan maturities (sometimes up to 84 months or longer), subvented leases, and a willingness by lenders to provide favorable finance terms to subprime borrowers propelled new and used car demand to new records.”

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DS News: Auto Dealership Inventory Trends – Expert Opinions


Jeremy Alicandri, a managing director with MK&A, was video interviewed by DrivingSales News regarding the auto industry’s inventory trends. Jeremy was quoted “understand that excess inventory is a constant in the automotive industry, the variable on the other hand, is the incentives to counteract that inventory.”

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Photo Credit: DrivingSales News