The Dealer Value Proposition: Key Opportunities to Increase Relevance in Credit Union Indirect Auto Lending


How can credit unions bring more value to indirect dealers and increase competitiveness?

In our white paper, we provide seven opportunities for credit unions to both enhance exiting value and create new value for indirect dealer partners. We base these opportunities on our understanding of the current auto retail market, predictions for the near-term future, and collaborative research efforts with CU Direct.

This white paper was presented at CU Direct’s DRIVE’17 Conference on May 25, 2017.

Detroit Free Press: Can Detroit 3 build a cult following and drive up auto stocks?


Ken Elias, partner at MK&A, was quoted in the Detroit Free Press on challenges with Ford. Ken is quoted “You’ve just not seen where the future for Ford is,” he said. “People just aren’t seeing it.”

The article can be read by clicking the link below:
*Photo Credit: Forbes.

Maryann Keller joins John Murphy (Bank of America Merrill Lynch) and Kevin Tynan (Bloomberg Intelligence) on Autoline.


“The Wall Street Auto Analysts” Synopsis:
From the floor of the New York International Auto Show, John McElroy of Autoline interviews three Wall Street analysts whose job it is to keep an eye on what’s going on with the automotive landscape. We’ll see where they think the industry is headed and how soon autonomous vehicles may be driving off dealer lots.

To watch this episode, visit Autoline’s website:

Maryann Keller, MK&A; John Murphy, Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Kevin Tynan, Bloomberg Intelligence. Topic: Wall Street Auto Analysis.