Popular Mechanics: Will Uber Own the Self-Driving Taxis of Tomorrow, or Will Ford?

In this article, Maryann Keller, Principal of MK&A, is quoted by Popular Mechanics regarding Uber’s self-driving car. Keller states “the industry wants to be part of a revolution, if there is one.” To read the full article, click the link below:


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Who Owns the Cars? The Billion Dollar Problem with Autonomous Taxis

In this post, Maryann Keller, Principal of MK&A, explains the economic challenges associated with autonomous ride-sharing. In her post, she explains as a board member of a large rental car company, she witnessed the challenges of maintaining and managing a large fleet of depreciating vehicles.

You can view the post by clicking the link below:


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LIBN: Economic Engines…

Jeremy Alicandri, Managing Director of Maryann Keller & Associates, was quoted in a recent LIBN cover article on the state of auto sales in the New York Metro Area. In the article, Jeremy explains, “interest rates have been low for a number of years, it helps[car sales].” To view the entire article, please visit LIBN.com by clicking the link below:

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